Learning as Nature Teaches

During this formative period for the Institute for Earth Regenerative Studies, located in the Pacific Cascadia Bioregion, we explore our roots and blossom. We currently offer transdisciplinary programs with many engaging events at the intersection of creativity and innovation, earth restoration and permaculture, and the living wisdom traditions. If you want to study and learn from Nature, awakening your internal capacities and insights, nurturing wholeness, we have something to offer you.

"The Stones of Memory" Retreat

November 6, 2014, Portland, Oregon

A day-long northwest poetic medicine retreat to remember, recognize, and regenerate the wisdom of earth during winter's slow depths with Peg Edera, John Fox, and Marna Hauk - Review the web page, event flyer or register

John Fox - Relationship with Trees

November 7-9, Portland, Oregon

Friday Evening Mini-Workshop and Weekend Retreat Event Brochure - Friday evening mini-workshop (which can also be attended as a standalone event), Saturday all-day, and Sunday through early afternoon, limited to 16 registrants. Read more about it, download a flyer or register here

Holistic Teaching Conference

September 2014- Marna Hauk presenting "The Living Earth as Catalyst: Blending Modes of Sensing for Dynamic, Immersive, Experiential, and Holistic Learning" at the Holistic Teaching and Learning Conference, Southern Oregon University

Climate Change

October 2014 - Marna Hauk presenting "Tree Tongues, Social Justice, and Gaian Methods: Research as Regeneration" and "Community-Based Curricular Development in Climate Justice and Resilience" at the North American Association of Environmental Educators in Ottawa, Canada as part of a Community-Based Climate Change Fellowship with training support from the EPA - support for the genesis of the women's climate change program of the Institute.