Welcome to Earth Empathy Adventures

Awaken Personal & Planetary Compassion & Connection

picture of hatted, seated friend gazing at mckenzie river, oregon

In the time of this great adventure, sharing activities and experiences bring us to life as part of the body of the Earth. We cultivate a sense of connection and increase collaboration, scintillate our senses and sharpen our grounding.

So many adventures await! We can connect with the spirit of place through our sense of place and senses in place. We can explore how our bodies are part of the body of the Earth. Feeling our despair helps us connect with and receive our aspirational planetary inspiration. And sensing the long stretches of deep time revives our experience of the cosmological Earth. We can also collaborate with others on this sentient and lively journey to, with, and for a regenerative planet Earth.

Parts of Wholes

picture of spiral agave plant growth

Most importantly in collaboration and also through our own experience, we come to understand ourselves as part of the living Earth.

Invitation to Participate

Each of us is birthing new and ancient wisdom - connecting with place and sacred Earth. By sharing our experiences and maps of adventure, we journey together.


planetary collaborations

Earth Empathy is a project of the Institute for Earth Regenerative Studies, a fruit of a mentored doctoral course in "Deep Regeneration of Self and World" in the Prescott PhD in Sustainability Education, companioned by the insightful mentoring of Craig Chalquist. The adventures continue to unfold. Please collaborate and share your ideas, experiences, activities, and resources...Welcome home!