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Gaian methodologies are sourced in rich frameworks of materials, quotations, and resources. Gaian methods thrive at an intersection of a multiverse of approaches, including a convergence of complexity, philosophy, psychology, embodiment, spirituality, shamanism and healing, and the Gaia Hypothesis applied as method and methodology. An additional 100+ bibliographic resources finish off the 60+ annotations and several reviews available. An academic paper and Powerpoint presentation round out the offerings. The thrilling, thrumming life of the planet as source and coparticipant with humans as co-researchers bridges and defies disciplines. For each of the following topics, we offer:

Gaian Methodologies - A Convergence of Sensuous Earth

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Gaian Methodologies Team

The main resources on this site include how the flower petals of sources and methods grow together to compose the flowering of Gaian methods and methodologies. We include essays and bibliographies to nurture... More…

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Prescott College PhD in Sustainability Education

Prescott College offers a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Education with a concentration in Sustainability Education. This low-residency, doctoral program combines expansive interdisciplinary inquiry with intense individual research and practice, and follows a cohort-based learning model...More…

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